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Fencing classes in Camas, WA. Fencer with protective mask

Camas Fencing Academy

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What is Fencing??? And why you should do fencing???

News and Updates

Fencing is a great activity for all ages, levels and ability levels:

- Young children can start training at age of 6/7 and the oldest category for Veterans is 80+! All the age classifications in between are also available of course.

- There is regular fencing and para-fencing (wheelchair fencing).


Fencing is a great family activity!

We have entire families training together: siblings and their parents are training together and traveling together for tournaments all over the country.

This all inclusive activity is a great quality family time.

Fencing is a great exercise for your body, mind and soul.

Fencing is considered to be physical chess, because, fencers must constantly use their brains to analyze, build strategy, make quick decisions and take chances, while using their bodies to execute the actions planned.

Fencing class in Camas, WA. Benefits of fencing

Our Fencing Program

Come play physical chess with us = FENCING!

Our classes offer great physical exercise, game time, fencing skills development that also include mental and cognitive skills development:

"Fencing absolutely increases focus and concentration, as well as the powers of observation. It also develops self assurance and discipline. The mind must constantly work and build its decision making skills. Building on these skills can improve ones performance in many other aspects of daily life."

While we do like to promote fencing on a competitive level and encourage tournament participation; fencers who prefer not to compete, can still enjoy their physical activity, learning new skills and socializing with their friends.

The skills learned and knowledge gained during our classes are not only designed to develop physical and fencing skills, but also teach important skills and life lessons for the future.

Fencing classes in Camas, WA. Benefits of fencing
Fencing classes in Camas, WA

More About the Camas Fencing Academy

Mission & Values

Camas Fencing Academy is the only one of it's kind in the area. These fencing classes are taught by a very knowledgeable and experienced professional Julia Tikhonova.

A competitive fencer since 9 years old. Julia was a member of the Israeli national team, competed on an international level, and received a full athletic scholarship at the Ohio State University. This is not just a hobby for Julia, this is a lifestyle!

Fencing is a great sport for all ages, genders, body-types and abilities. Anyone can do fencing and with some effort anyone can become good in fencing.

During our classes, students are not only get familiar with the sport of fencing but they are also exposed to some of the most important skills and qualities that will be used later in life. Our students learn commitment, hard work, work ethics, decision making (also fast decision making), and much more.

Explore our engaging course schedule, and get in touch to schedule your next class or register online.

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6929 NW Friberg Strunk St, Camas (Suits 210)


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Fencing lessons in Camas, WA. Young Fencing Girl
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